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Only Seed Treatment to Offer Cutworm Control in Canola

Exciting stuff in canola seed treatment from DuPont. Lumiderm is the first and only canola seed treatment to offer extended flea beetle control (much better control on striped flea beetle) up to 35 days AND cutworm control. Low-toxicity to pollinators, mammals, non-target organisms and other beneficial insects. This seed treatment is only available on a few selected Dupont Pioneer hybrids Clearfield 46H75 and RR 45H29, 45H31 and 45S54. 46H75 had a huge year and if you have read my earlier posts you know how much I like this variety. 45H29 had another great year and 45S54 is our highest yielding sclerotinia resistant hybrid. See info sheet on Lumiderm.


There is limited quantites of this new seed treatment so if you have concerns with cutworm or flea beetles this is a great combination of outstanding hybrids and new seed treatment technology. We have an early pay program until October 31st 10% discount on cash and 6% discount on deferred pay program. BASF also has some really good early book programs on right now.

204 792 6744

Plot Tour Thursday September 19th Changed to Tuesday September 24th

Plot Tour Thursday September 19th Changed to Tuesday September 24th @ 9:00 A.M.
What you are going to see!

New corn hybrids P7632HR 76 day BT corn, two possible additions to our lineup 75 day BT and 75 Day Acre Max (refuge in a bag).

Two new early soybeans plus possibly our first RR2 soybean.

What you are going to hear!
How to stage corn maturity.
European Corn Borer harvest tips.
Goss’s Wilt update.
What is Optimum AcreMax

Better Start Better Harvest
Trash the yield killer.
Compaction how does it hurt yields.
How to manage root diseases

New seed treatment product from DuPont Lumiderm provides extended control on flea beetle and cutworms

This will be an excellent chance to see and hear about some very exciting things coming from DuPont Pioneer and Derek Erb Seeds

Tour Starts at 9:30 9:00 A.M. at corn plot which is 3 miles east of Oak Bluff air McGillvary Blvd. and old La Salle Rd. watch for signs on south side of McGillvary. We will then move on to soybean plot which is just 1.5 miles south where lunch will also be provided.

Call or text Derek @ 204 792 6744 if you are planning on attending!
Rain date is Tuesday September 24th

46H75 what a Hybrid

I have been boasting about 46H75 all year. Most of the results are IN and yields backed up what I have been saying. This hybrid performed great and definitely deserves a chance to be on your farm. DuPont Pioneer has a great canola lineup.  45H29 is a yield leader especially in the glyphosate segment.  Our Sclerotinia Protector products are the real deal for greatly reducing disease incidence and severity and 45H73 has been a leader in the Clearfield segment the past few years.

With soybeans and corn becoming staple parts of our rotations, a big chunk of our canola products have been taken out of the equation strictly on account of herbicide systems.

46H75 is a game changer for us. 46H75’s yield ,which is the number one factor for growers when choosing a canola hybrid, is right there or better than leading hybrids on the market. Glufosinate tolerant canola is no longer the default option for corn and soybean growers. 46H75 agronomics are not sacrificed for outstanding yield.

Some Key Strengths of 46H75

-Very good early growth

-Handled early cool wet conditions extremely well

-Mid to Tall plant that stands very well, nice lean to it in fact one grower straight cut it with very good results

-2 days later maturity than checks to spread out canola swathing time

-R rated for Blackleg and Fusarium Wilt

-Clearfield system offers excellent weed control options

Some Yields results from some of my growers.

Tri-Man Farms in Domain 55 bus/ac

Darren Enns in Domain 58 bus/ac (straight cut)

Rick Fossay in Starbuck 55 bus/ac

Erb Farms Oak Bluff 57 bus/ac

Bossuyt Bros in Oak Bluff had wild life damage (geese) and still pulled off 45 bus/ac

Field in Sanford 57 bus/ac

Field in Starbuck 52 bus/ac

These are NOT yield or test strips!  These are whole field or farm yields!

[wpvideo YOj7IppD]

When deciding on canola hybrids for 2014,  46H75 should be included in the discussion.

Keep sending in your pictures for a chance to win a pair of Jet tickets!

Plot Tour and cowgirl boots

Derek Erb Seeds is having a soybean and corn plot tour September 19th . Click here for details derek-erb-seeds-corn-and-soybean-plot-tour

Harvest has been awesome so far and hopefully we can get started on soybeans in the next 7-10 days and possibly corn by beginning of October.

Kids come up with the darndest things, Erin stopped by the farm with the kids about a week ago in the middle of the heat wave, Grace our 4 year old was wearing her new cowgirl boots. I said “Grace, I love your new boots” to which she responded “Thanks, my Mom says I can cook in them later.  They are my new cooking boots”. I was puzzled and asked Erin what the heck Grace was talking about. Erin had no idea what she meant. However Maggie our older daughter said “I know what she means, when Grace put her boots on this morning Mom told her it was going to get hot out later and she was going to “cook” in those boots”. It doesn’t get much better than that!



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