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Happy New Year

Erin, Maggie, Grace and I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas! Maggie & Grace had a great Christmas, Santa was very good to them.  Perhaps too good in Grace’s case.  We aren’t sure how Grace avoided getting at least one lump of coal this year. Ah, but we love that little one! I knew exactly what I was getting for Christmas, Grace can’t keep a secret at the best of the times, but when she wants a cookie she will pretty much tell you anything. We have one new addition to our family this Christmas.  His name is Frank.  He is a very friendly dog that belongs to my Dad.  Frank the Stank (our new name for him) showed up at the farm one day and after trying to track down his owner with no success my Dad decided to keep him.  So sweet right?  Well, the problem is my parents go away for the winter and can’t take the dog with them.  So Frank is now our house guest. He gets along great with Marley (our dog), but he has a couple of habits we are dealing with. First he is the wimpiest dog EVER, I know it has been cold out but being a german sheppard cross he should be able to spend more than 30 seconds outside. The second habit is even more difficult to deal with because of his first bad habit. You see Frank the Stank passes gas ALL THE TIME!   I’d like the people from Febreeze try make one of Frank’s bombs smell like a “wild flower garden” but Erin has been unable to find the right scent to mask his gas.  All kidding aside, he is a great dog and we really enjoy having him with us.  What’s life without some funny stories right?

Merry Christmas from Frank & Marley!

But the most important part of todays blog is to let the people who support Derek Erb Seeds Inc know how grateful we are.    When Erin and I started our business, we were thinking nuts and bolts, bricks and mortar.  But we soon realized that this business we started has put us in contact with such amazing people, You, which is really what keep us going strong year to year.  So Thank You for a wonderful 2013, we are so excited to working with you in 2014 and beyond!

We are currently upgrading our website so it will be easier to navigate and accessible on your mobile devices. So far the previews we have seen are awesome. Faye Fossay at F3 Design’s work, professionalism, ideas and commitment continue to amaze and impress Erin and I, we are VERY lucky to have her as our website designer. If you or someone you know is thinking of a website project you will not find any company better to work with than F3 Design. So be sure to checkout the new website in the very near future as it is loaded with all kinds of great info from Products, Services and Agronomy Information!

Lastly I wanted to give you a bit of an update on seed supply. 46H75 Clearfield Canola is just about sold out so if you have been thinking about this hybrid contact me ASAP. We have advanced 4 new soybeans for 2014!

  • Two ultra early varieties P001T34R and P002T04R.
  • Two mid to late varieties P008T70R and our first RR2 soybean P008T22R2
  • Supply is limited on these varieties.

We also have some new and exciting corn hybrids P7410HR an early BT corn, P7332R a very early hybrid with very good yield again supply is limited but we will have all these varieties in plots throughout the area this summer so be sure to check these new products out in 2014. We still have good supply of 45H29 and 45H73 canola, 900Y61 soybeans and P7443R, P7632HR and 39D95 corn hybrids.

Again belated Merry Christmas and we wish you a very happy New Year!

Our Night out to the Flyers/Jets game.

Maggie @ Jets vs. Flyers game Maggie & Mom before Jets Vs. Flyers game Grace & Dad before Jets Vs. Flyers game Family @ Jets Vs. Flyers Game

As you can see my threats have little effect on the kids decisions on who to cheer for!

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