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New addition to Derek Erb Seeds!

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Today I realized that we are starting into our 10th year in business as Derek Erb Seeds, Independent sales representatives for DuPont Pioneer. I began thinking back to when it was just Erin and me, running our seed business from my truck and our kitchen table with the goal of providing growers in our area with premium seed, services, and agronomy. 

We’ve been blessed by the friends and neighbors like you who have entrusted us with being able to help your farm operations succeed and grow, and over the years you have helped us do the same. Four years ago, we were lucky to bring on Dwight because of this very reason. 

Dwight has done and continues to do an amazing job helping us achieve that level of commitment to our growers.  And now we find ourselves lucky once again in bringing on a new team member who shares our same values and commitment goals.  Derek, Dwight and Erin are pleased to announce the addition of Richard Dureault to Derek Erb Seeds team. 

Richard Dureault

Richard currently farms in the Fannystelle area with his brother and Dad where they also offer custom planting and grain drying services.  Richard, who completed is Ag Diploma in 2011 and achieved his Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) designation, was appointed to the board of directors for the Manitoba Corn Growers Association in 2016.  

With the addition of Richard, we are also pleased to announce a second soybean bulk treating facility in Fannystelle, operated by Richard and his brother Jeremie on their yard, which will offer Pioneer Hi-Bred varieties specifically suited to our area for their strong agronomic traits.

More information to come, but in the meantime, to all our valued growers out there, we wish you a safe and successful harvest. 

Field Day and Contest Announcement

Derek Erb Seeds Inc 005

fielddayWhat a great way to spend a Wednesday morning, with a wonderful group of local growers and industry experts sharing information, technology and ideas.  Days like yesterday are just a small example of how Canadian Farmers are constantly educating themselves.  And our plot, located 1.5 miles South of Oak Bluff, was the classroom!

The plot, seeded by JR Brothers of Fannystelle, was in excellent condition.  The crops included were Soybeans, Corn and Canola with multiple varieties of each.  Plots like ours take a great deal of time and care when planting, and we are very thankful to Richard for his work.

Derek Erb Seeds Inc 020

Here is just a taste of the topics covered by our highly knowledgeable and respected speakers;

  • Straight Cutting Canola and Desiccation Timing  /  Lynn Van De Spiegle of BASF  
  • Blackleg in Canola and Best Management Practices  / Dwight Willoughby of Derek Erb Seeds
  • Phytophthora Root Rot Identification in Soybeans, Causes and Management / Mike Weir Agronomist with DuPont Pioneer
  • Soybean Seeding Depth and Supplemental N Fertilizer / Terry Buss of MAFRD
  • Pre and Post Emergent Corn Herbicide / Caelyn Shearer of DuPont Crop Protection
  • Yield 360 Y-Drop Fertilizer Application System for Corn / Frank Prince of Yield 360
  • Crop Imaging with a Fixed Wing Drone equipped with NDVI Camera / Matt Johnson of M3 Aerial
  • Wolverine Rotary Ditcher for effective field drainage / Robin Karlowsky from KNR


We also had the pleasure of doing a draw for those in attendance during lunch.  One grower walked away with two tickets to the NHL Jets Heritage Classic taking place this fall at the Investors Group Field in Winnipeg.


Derek Erb Seeds Inc 039P7211hr

And finally we kicked off our 2016 Guess the Yield Contest, by having those in attendance submit  a yield guess for P006T46R Soybeans or P7211HR Corn.



Growers picked one (1) crop; either the Corn or the Soybeans, which we had a chance to view in our plot during the field day.  They entered their yield guess (bushels).  The person closest to the yield recorded for the corn and the person closest to the yield recorded for the soybeans at harvest without going over wins for their selected crop.  Then, and finally, the winners of the Corn and Soybeans guess the yield will be put in a hat for a draw to determine the Winter Getaway WINNER!


tropical getaway




Soys “Guess the Yield” Results are in!

~ This weeks blog is brought to you by Dwight Willoughby,  P Ag, CCSC

P008T70RWe are pleased to announce the individual field results from the 2015 Soybean Weigh Wagon “Guess the Yield” contest.

12 fields across our region covering all different growing conditions reflect the strength of the new T Series genetics of P008T22R2 and P008T70R.

Contact us soon to book your soybean acres for 2016 and get these yield producing products in your farms lineup!



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