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The Derek Erb Seeds Advantage

  • We are independent — our goal is to place the right product on the right acre for your farm
  • Derek and Richard farm as well, and face the same challenges as our customers
  • We grow what we sell, giving us a huge advantage when it comes to product knowledge and performance
  • Derek, Dwight, and Richard have over 60 years of combined local agronomic experience
  • Our service and products are designed to add value to your operation

Meet Your Team

Our Approach

  • Build relationships with local growers
  • Understand the needs of each operation
  • Place the right product on the right acre
  • Help growers get the most value from their seed
  • Providing relevant and useful agronomic information to our growers

About Pioneer Hi-Bred 

Farming is more than what you do. It's who you are. It's who we are too.