Variety Choices

Image - PRODUCTS (53V52)
  • MUSCLE - Stable high yield and quality
  • Solid variety with dependable forage yield
  • Above average field appearance
  • Very winterhardy
Image - PRODUCTS (54Q14)
  • Combines high forage quality with agronomic lodging resistance
  • Improved standability with more upright stems
  • Very good winterhardiness
  • Provides higher yield and improved forage quality over 55V12
Image - PRODUCTS (55Q27)
  • Top yeilding variety with aggressive regrowth adapted for dairy quality forage production
  • Very good winterhardiness and excellent disease resistance
  • High suitability for heavy soils where root rots are concern
  • Holds high fiber digestability for a longer period of time, good for an extended harvest window
Image - PRODUCTS (55V50)
  • NEW leader variety in the MUSCLE segment
  • 3% yield advantage over Pioneer® variety 55V48 
  • High resistance ratings for Phytophthora and Aphanomyces race 1 and 2
  • High overall root rot resistance

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