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Raise the level of alfalfa yield and quality on every acre. Pioneer® brand varieties are not "one-size-fits-all" products. Growers can choose from varieties with high-yielding, high-quality or winterhardy options. 

Field Sign > Alfalfa > 55V50
  • 55V50 Alfalfa
  • Muscle segment
  • High resistance ratings for phytophthora and aphanomyces race 1 and 2
  • High overall root rot resistance


Field Sign > Alfalfa > 54q14
  • 54Q14 Alfalfa
  • Lodging resistance variety
  • Combines high forage quality with agronomic lodging resistance
  • Improved standability with more upright stems
  • Very good winter-hardiness


Field Sign > Alfalfa > 55Q27
  • 55Q27 Alfalfa
  • High forage quality
  • Top yielding variety with aggressive regrowth adaptabed for dairy quality forage production
  • Very good winter-hardiness and excellent disease resistance
  • High suitability for heavy soils where root rots are a concern
  • Holds high fiber digestibility for a longer period of time, good for an extended harvest window