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Derek Erb Seeds Inc.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Sales Representative

Derek Erb Seeds Inc.

We Grow It Before We Sell It

As a Pioneer Hi-Bred Sales Representative, I am backed by the advanced research capabilities of Pioneer Hi-Bred. I live and farm down the road from my customers.

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Assessing Weeds from the Swather / Combine

August 17, 2018

~This week’s blog is brought you by Dwight Willoughby, P.Ag, CCSC Regardless of the crop this harvest, make some notes what fields and trouble spots have broken weed control.  These weeds are next years issues that can be addressed in your 2019 rotation this fall.  My top 3 weeds showing up at harvest in canola, corn, cereals and soybeans following two dry summers are; LAMBS QUARTERS RED ROOT PIGWEED KOCHIA (Mostly this past year) Glyphosate is the #1 herbicide we use on farms so to preserve the sustainable life of this NB use, it needs some muscle tank-mixes in your Read More

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